Pete & Louisa @ Cooling Castle Barn


One of my annual trips to Cooling Castle Barn happened on the last day of August, the day before I went for my annual feet up session in France. Pete and Louisa done it in style at Kent’s premier wedding venue and a summer that was a little windier and wetter than we are accustomed to ended warmly and dryly (almost).

Louisa and her girls took FULL advantage of Cooling Castle Barns new Bridal sweet, it really is impressive!! A waste basket of empty fizz bottles, a Best man/hair stylist (a very busy man indeed), the best of all the Toastmasters in John Oakley, a Harpist a BBQ a random selection of other wedding togs here there and everywhere and an inflatable Swan which went by the name of Duckie that was especially flown in from Spain to enjoy the day with us all, it was all pretty damn awesome!

Cooling Castle Barn truly is an incredible venue, it always leave a lasting memory in my mind every time I go there. I always somehow find different shots and angles to shoot from to make sure no two weddings I shoot there ever look the same.

I love every single visit to this incredible Kent venue, thank you to Pete and Louisa for inviting me along.

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