Callum & Hannah @ The Lake District

A totally unexpected journey up to the Lake District for Callum and Hannah’s engagement shoot for a little earlier on this year has finally made it’s way up on to the website!!

Have I ever happened to mention how much I absolutely love my job? Oh I have! Well I will say it again. Constantly meeting new people and being a part of such a wonderful event in their lives quite often takes me to some wonderful places but none quite as awesomely and randomly as popping (a 9 hour traffic filled crawl up the M6) up to Derwent Water in the Lake District for this epic pre-wed shoot.

A very early start at -3 degrees walking in Converse around the edge of a huge expanse of water was a true high light of my year. Seriously, this experience really brought home to me the utter joy I get from doing what I do and how lucky I am to meet the people that I meet.

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