Ashley & Charlotte @ Sprivers Mansion

So I finally get round to posting Ashley and Charlottes amazing wedding at Sprivers Mansion. After what was easily my favourite engagement shoot of the year at Borough Market my hopes were very high going into this wedding.

This was my first visit to Sprivers Mansion and my word it did not disappoint one little bit, it was sensational, a photographers dream!! I spent a little time before hand snooping around the grounds and believe me this was the Orlando of wedding venues as far as a wedding photographer is concerned. You literally would need a few weeks there to get every shot you wanted from the place.

Both Ashley and Charlotte stayed the night before so this was a perfect time for me to get some groom prep photos in, which really made for a fun morning. Everything about this wedding was amazing, it really was one of those times where I felt so honoured to be a part of it all.

Charlotte looked sensation in her dress, really amazing. The lawn games were as usual an amazing touch, the house itself was out of this world and of course the inflatable pigs!! I didn't quite understand the inflatable pigs game but hey ho, who cares, they made for some great photos.

I would like to say a massive shout out to Sophie and Nicki at Home Gurr'owen wedding caterers and co-ordinators. It was an utter pleasure seeing you all in action. The food was something else and the service you provided on the day was absolutely second to none.

Here is the story of when Ashley married Charlotte.

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